potty pad fabulous

Last night, I finally got the wee one down to sleep around midnight. Had I not caved and placed her little crate directly up beside my head on my bed, I think the whimpering would have not subsided.


Lucky for Dixie, I’m a sap… We had a good trip home. A delay in Atlanta equaled to some extra time to allow Dixie to come out and stretch her legs a bit, which she loved, as well as some additional napping. We were stuck due to wind delays up in NYC/Boston. I told someone at the gate I bet someone at the airport decided to sneeze… I tell you, LGA is hyper-sensitive!! Anyhow, we made friends with some others waiting, and she loved the attention. I needed to get her some water, so sometimes you just make do. And she adjusted as well, slurping up the water like a champ from my (yes, it’s been cleaned!) Chick-fil-A cup.

(Did I mention I squeezed in not one but two trips to Chick-fil-A? Successful trip right there alone!)

She flirted with the pilot too on our first plane, leading him to offer the option for her to run around in the coat closet. As much as I’m sure she would have loooooved that, we stayed in the carrier and behaved, with the way too cute little reusable diaper. Note: we arrived somehow into LaGuardia with the diaper completely unsoiled. That was a shocker.

The trip in general was fabulous though. It was so great to see two of my best friends from college, and I finally got to meet JHW’s cute little baby girl, only six months old. She was just too cute and is totally a ham for the boys. Her daddy’s gonna have his hands full 😉 NMC’s parents did a cook-out for us all on Saturday and my parents came over as well. And J’s baby enjoyed her own special meal of choice – bananas. Mmmmm. She must love ’em – sure was wearing them with style, haha. It reminded me though how rarely I see my old friends. Hopefully it won’t be so long between visits next time.

Back now in Manhattan, I’m pleased to report only about three little puppy accidents. She’s chosen two additional locations for pee pads, which she has been frequenting this morning. Goooood. Only thing she doesn’t seem to grasp is choosing to put numero dos on the pee pads as well. Maybe she’s taking the name literally? She’s loving the toys I’ve got here for her. She’s been dragging her alligator around. Touch the tail and you can tell it has been bitten pretty much all night long. She’s strong though, as evidenced by one poor flailing gator!

Currently she’s curled up on my legs. We’re off to play around town — off to frolic on some greenery-accented spots throughout the city, with a pit stop at Petco. I should play hooky more often!


7 thoughts on “potty pad fabulous

  1. Oh my gosh, she is SO cute!!! That first picture should be called “Heaven”, because that’s what it looks like.

    (You are so not helping my resolve not to get a dog right now!!!)

  2. Annie – haha I know. Well, I had that resolve once upon a time. After many years wearing me down, I caved 🙂 Happy I did so too!

    Preppy – thank you. She’s waving back, saying “hello” to Sadie!

  3. Thank you 🙂 I know you’re a dog owner! Any recommendations on best parks? Restaurants you hit up with your dog??

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