constructive scrutinizing? straight ahead.

Friday night was icky. Rainy. Blah. Perfect that what I had on tap was an evening in of writing, so it wasn’t like I felt like I was missing out too much on being out in that. Instead it was a fine spicy dish of Indian food and quality time type type typing on the Mac, with Dixie curled up at my feet.

Saturday for my class I had to bring in a piece of 5-10 pages to distribute out to the other students, which they will read and will discuss in our next class. I’m looking forward to the constructive feedback but, I’ll admit, I’m simultaneously a bit anxious about others reading and picking apart what’s essentially my life. Our teacher had a good point though when she summarized the process of reviewing the written work, which isn’t the same as a direct critique of your life – because your life can be interesting but you can write about it in a way that isn’t doing is justice. Point taken. With the upcoming holiday, our class won’t meet again until May 31st, so I’ve gotta wait until then to see what comes.

Saturday afternoon was a run to Petco, where I didn’t think through the lack of logic in toting along a 2.4 pound black pup when I would be picking up to what would end up to be a pretty large purchase at the store. Oooops. The process was tiring on Dixie and so instead of a pup peeping out of her carrier on the bus, I found this little face, who was slowly giving in to sleep at last…

And another point I’ve learned? You can think you have the perfect furniture layout as things are currently. But a nosy puppy can cause you to rethink said layout. After thinking for some 48 hours with all magazines, yearbooks, and manila folders perched atop my bookcase, I finally figured it out! Score. DVR/cable box moved down. Sex and the City complete set? Up from puppy teeth reach.

I’m so dreading Monday. Coming off of last week where I was only in the office for three days, I know this one’s going to feel long. I’ve got the Tour Guide coming into town on Friday, so there’s much planning to be done. Looking forward to it, and perhaps hitting some new spots I’ve been meaning to tackle. But now, off to tackle the remainder of Jen Lancaster’s latest. Oh so close.


2 thoughts on “constructive scrutinizing? straight ahead.

  1. No need to be worried about your classmates’ feedback…I’m sure you’ll be just fine. Everyone has their opinions, and not everybody will love it, but you’re bound to get some good feedback. 🙂

  2. Thanks Zan for the encouragement. I was thinking it’s funny… I post a lot of personal stuff here. I guess it’s different when you’re packaging it as something more “serious and official”. I’m excited to see the comments though. I felt like letting go of those clusters of paper was a bit step!

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