this, my friends, we call procrastination…

My friend SG was just over to meet Dixie. Original plan had been to check out a dog-friendly restaurant and bring Dixie to join in. However, cold weather (um, hello, 48 degrees? pass…) and rain meant no can do. Instead? We opted for an evening in and ordering Blockheads (yesssss… generic Mexican but hey, in Manhattan, how can one judge?!?). Oh and watching Sex and the City on DVD, because unlike some, we’re pretty excited (and will admit it) about the impending movie release.

I am a fan of the Aidan years, so we were doing a little Season 4. One of my favorite episodes is where she goes to the country where Aidan has a place and Big comes out there and Aidan and Big are fighting in the mud. Love it. Oh I love it.

And after SG left, as I should be writing my column and am procrastinating, I was watching some more episodes. I was watching the one where Carrie’s hard drive crashes. The one where Aidan buys her a zip drive. And the one where Miranda’s mom passes away. Love the final dialogue between Carrie and Aidan…

Aidan: “We’re gonna run into stuff that’s hard. That’s why I was trying to help.

Carrie: “I know. I know that. But if you start helping me… and I get used to having that help…”

Aidan: “Yeah?”

Carrie: “Well, no good can come of that. I mean, then what happens when, you know, you’re not around one day?”

Aidan: “Where’m I going?”

Carrie: “Well, I don’t know… You could, you know, be outta town, or be busy, or things fall apart… We could fall apart.”

Aidan: “I know that.”

Carrie: “Well then what?”

Aidan: “Well I guess then we’d be a couple of sad Macs.”

(Carrie laughs)

Love it. And now, on my non-sad Mac, better get cracking so I can get to bed. Oh, and based on the below evidence, I have still gotta get a handle on der puppy unraveling my rug. Yeah, can’t seem to solve that problemo. Rest of my apartment though still standing. Just gotta get more creative?!?

And now, back to fighting the procrastination…


2 thoughts on “this, my friends, we call procrastination…

  1. Nah she’s in the school of LJ! I get frustrated but I keep reminding myself she’s all of 12 weeks and hasn’t done the crazy stuff most other puppies do. I just have to come up with solutions to the few things she’s been doing (some of which could’ve been avoided if yours truly had a little foresight.

    Now, I’d *totally* take her to puppy school if she wasn’t responding to “no” (which so far she has been) or if she were barking uncontrolably. Those are no-can-do’s!

    She may decide to prove me wrong now for saying this, but she’s been such a sweetie thus far. Hope it continues 🙂

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