dixie diaries – end of the rug saga

I’m finally back to the land of the functional wireless network. And I will admit, I feel like an internet junkie that it feels like such a huge – ridiculously huge – relief too. Oh well.

Last week, I decided something had to be done. I came home several days to scenes similar to the below…

Hmmmm. What to do. The rug is not destroyed by any means, but little by little, tug by tug, it was diminishing from its former glory. It deserved a little TLC. Some intervention.

And in the meantime, this little doll was innocently gazing up to me. Me? I did nothing. I swear… But even though I clearly have a heart and cave easily to this oh too cute face, I ain’t no dummy.

And so roll, roll, roll went the rug, tucked away in the closet (along with a hodge podge of hidden from sight – for now? – items), hopefully to be retrieved at a later point. A time when puppy teeth are not the enemy. And where anything possible of being pulled (and by this I mean threads of all sorts) are the most interesting things in the world. The gaze I received for this move was quite sad.

Perhaps a bit of pouting? She opted for her little pink mini-blanket for a little consolation. At least for the next ten minutes…

And regardless, the evening ended the same. Just before I put her in her crate for the evening, I let Dix loose to run around on my bed, under the covers, whatever she wants. I have to say, I think it’s the highlight of the day for both of us. I will lie down, book in hand, head on pillow, and she loves to run around behind the pillow and jump a tad, somehow managing to hurdle my head and land in my lap. She’s a funny one. And she’s discovered the art of peek-a-boo. See the above. Boo!

More on the weekend coming later, but I felt like a little photo story in the meantime. Happy long weekending! Happy (early) Memorial Day.


6 thoughts on “dixie diaries – end of the rug saga

  1. I guess moving the rug was probably a good idea on your part, at least for now! (Too cute with the “and so roll, roll, roll went the rug…”) 🙂

  2. Our little Horatio does that. (He’s a six month old Scottish Terrier.) Sometimes you just have to sigh and accept the fact that we can never be mad because they are just too cute.

  3. So adorable…it’s terrible, isn’t it, how your pet can make you feel about 3 inches tall with just one look?


  4. We had a puppy when we first got married 25 years ago.
    We lost all the linoleum, three pairs of Bass Weejun loafers, the nose off my daughter’s Care Bear and a few other things.
    Puupy teeth can sure do some damage!
    She’s so adorable.
    I would be a big puddle every time I looked at her.
    Much bloglove,

  5. Yes, this is one 3 inch tall chica typing back atcha here. And she’s sacked out at my feet and I feel my height shrinking. Such a softie am I.

    Frances, I LOVE your “laundry list” of items you bid adieu to courtesy of your puppy. I definitely realize I’m lucky the rug was the only thing to die (along with the corners of several manila envelopes and my yearbooks).

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