tour guide comes to town

I don’t think Memorial Day could have been more of a perfect weekend if I’d asked for it. Ok, so maybe I did beg to And I did pout at trying to figure out what lightweight jacket to wear on Saturday. But yeah, mostly all was good!

Friday evening, the Tour Guide was en route from DC, following a brief snafu with the bus. First one was full and I thought I was going to find my house with just Dix and I and a whole box of Buttercup cupcakes (and, as much as that made me momentarily drool, I really preferred the company). Thankfully she hopped the next one and was here in record time. Hmmm. Can’t help but wonder if the bus driver wasn’t speeding. We opted for a night in, with a fresh John’s pizza, those tasty cupcakes, and some prime Sex and the City DVDs all a go (I just love the episode from season four – episode 58 – where Big comes out to Aidan’s country home. Ahhhh. Swoon. I just love the Aidan years). Although, SATC was just running in the background as we were yacking and playing lots with the dog. Thankfully, the TG was a fan.

Saturday morning we altered our plans to just make it even more low-key. We chose instead to hop the bus and head to a brunch option which would allow Dix to come with, Fetch. The TG is on the photo scene right there with me, and I dubbed her officially the puparazzi for the weekend. Seriously. Her Facebook album of the entire weekend was seemingly split 50/50 between those involving us ladies and those involving my oh-to-cute pooch.

After an afternoon of shopping along Fifth Avenue, we cane back to get ready for the evening. We met her friend AG for dinner at Gnocco, a fabulous little Italian place over in the East Village Holl had recommended. After some tasty Italian food, we were off en route to try to find our way to Angel’s Share, a lounge I had heard much about but had yet to experience first-hand.

I’d heard much a comparison to Please Don’t Tell, one of my favorite spots for pricey, treat-yourself-with-the-ladies drinks. Located upstairs and through an Asian restaurant, it takes some knowledge to find this spot. I almost thought I was lost. Almost. Only a 10 minute wait and we were in. The drinks were a little less pricey than PDT, but I also found them a bit less appealing, many using sake (ick) and plum wine. I’ll save the rest for Yelp, but it was a great place to hang with the ladies for a couple of hours without having to be interrupted by random guys trying to talk. I-d-eal.

Sunday morning we packed the TG up and dropped her bags over at AG’s place. We then headed uptown, committed to our brunch, as I wanted to show them Calle Ocho. I figured with their Sunday sangria buffet it was only appropriate, a nod to the locale, Spain, which brought the TG and I together so many years ago. After a couple of hours, she was headed back, and I began the trip home for some down time. Ok, I’ll confess to picking up a wireless router to replace my busted one, which is why I’m back to posting more (score). But it was a perfect first half of the weekend and I’m so glad she decided to make the trip up! Hopefully I can return the favor shortly.

And Monday’s outing to Central Park was just perfect. With Dix in tow, I headed off around noon to meet Holl and CS to head over. The sun was so warm beating down, but with our lingering cool temps it felt fantastic. The East side of the park was seriously like Disneyworld, with long long lines to get into the zoo area. We promptly bobbed-and-weaved our way through that in hot pursuit of the Boathouse and some food. Hot dog (on the grill), French fries, and a Diet Coke. Perfect for Memorial Day. From there, we made our way over to a wine bar just above Columbus Circle, where we sat (and Dix slept) for several hours.

I finally made my way home, a bit of a glow to my skin and one extremely pooped pup in my arms. I was sad to see Tuesday morning come, but what a great holiday weekend. Don’t know when one has gone so perfectly.

Anyone do anything exciting with their long weekend?


4 thoughts on “tour guide comes to town

  1. Sounds fabulous!! I am gearing up for the SATC movie tomorrow:) One of my all time favorites is “The Post-It Always Sticks Twice”-the ending makes me laugh out loud every single time:)

  2. I am going to have to wait a smidge… downside of being in NYC is that it’s SATC mania. You’ll have to let me know what you think. Ooooh and that’s a good episode too…

  3. Oh, your weekend sounded divine! I do wish I lived in the City sometimes. My weekend was low-key and much less cosmopolitan 😉 Dinner with friends on Friday, napping on Saturday, biking about 30 miles on Sunday, and grilling out on Monday. Love those holiday weekends!!!

    Glad to hear that Dixie is doing so well! She’s cute 😀

  4. Leslie – ’tis a fun place to be when the weather’s that great! Sounds like a great weekend for you as well. Very envious of the grilling – *that* definitely doesn’t come with my little sliver of Manhattan. 30 miles? Very impressive!! And thanks on Dix 🙂

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