dixie diaries – that ain’t a toy!

I came home to this last night…

Oh no no, m’dear. That is a pee pad. Not a toy. I guess when one’s not quite four months old, you miss the mark occasionally. Even when the toy has that genuine “nature” smell (or so saith the packaging).

She does have a tendency to drag her toys into her bed, which typically includes whatever scraps of paper or fuzz balls she’s been able to accumulate that particular days. What can I say. She’d make an excellent algae eater. Who needs a vacuum, right?


4 thoughts on “dixie diaries – that ain’t a toy!

  1. A friend of mine has some sort of pee pad thingy. That was so damn detailed, how can you not want one?! Let me try again. It’s like a heavy plastic base thingy that the pad snaps or folds or something like that into so that it stays in place. Nope, still not clarifying am I? OK, so I have never used them so I am not clear on all the details but my point is that the paper pad thing stays stationary and Dixie wouldn’t be able to move it about. I don’t think. You might google this thing with more luck than me trying to describe something I saw once many months ago.

    Hope all is well with you and little Dixie Doodle!

  2. Dixie is beyond precious! I enjoy reading about her adventures 🙂

    Thanks for your post. I responded and then realized I was responding on my own blog… 🙂

    Have a swell weekend!

  3. My dog used to rip up the pee pads while I was at work and I would come home and find shreds all over the kitchen floor. Luckily she was confined by the baby gate so the shreds didn’t make their way onto the carpet. LOL!

  4. Preppy – yeah I have one of those. It *wasn’t* working, but I got it figured out (aha!) and so far, so good. Thank goodness for an end to the shreds. Dixie Doodle is doing dandy dandy. Loving having my family in town!

    AJ – glad you’re enjoying them 🙂 She’s a never-ending source of entertainment, that’s for sure. More videos coming shortly!

    Leslie – only wish my little girl couldn’t hurdle the gate. Perhaps my place when I move in the fall will be better set up for cornering the little girl!

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