"i’m gonna have to move… to brooklyn!"

(… just to borrow a random quotation from the movie "You've Got Mail")
I made a final decision as I felt my stomach drop as my rent check sadly cleared this month and the my checking account hemorrhaged once more. The insanity must stop, or rather stop as soon as my lease ends, that is. I've been nosing around a bit seeing rent prices and yeah, I think I can do much better than where I am. Better enough to justify the expense of moving. Ugh and the headache that inevitably accompanies.  
This is the first time in quite a while though that such research is going to include potentially purchasing – although I'm still not quite sure I can swing it. I haven't really full-on looked as of yet, but I've already gotten a little peep through my friend P's experience in her recent purchase (congrats and total renter's envy!). The thing about NYC is co-ops are big. Huge. They're kind of inevitable and also new to me, so definitely are a puzzle I've gotta tackle. She explained the whole condo fees thing and confirmed why if I'm buying, it most definitely isn't going to be in a door man building. And is also why it's totally possible that I may be other-borough-bound. Yes yes… I just might be headed to Brooklyn shortly. And why not, right? Didn't SJP herself say it *is* the new Manhattan? (couldn't resist…)
Top Five Reasons I'm a Little Sad to be Leaving My Little Slice of Manhattan
1. Guarantee of yellow cabs when outbound from my front door.
2. I have to admit, it's cliché, but saying you live *in* Manhattan does sound cooler to your out of town friends.
3. My closet space. Two people? Yeah, they could probably live in those monsters. Along with my 40+ pairs of shoes…
4. My elevator. Oh – how I love you, and oh how you will be greatly missed. Especially when in heels or when schlepping up mass quantities of purchases.
5. My favorite delivery spots and easy access to one of my favorite cupcake places. Oh and my fro-yo joint. Man, yeah, lots of food sadness (although yes, I do realize there will be new culinary experiences to tackle – and I do believe I am equal to the task)
So off I go… much time ahead, but you know me, I'm a planner, so all about the head-start. And this time? No broker to help the process. Just my two eyes and my two legs. If you've got recommendations, the comment section is all yours!

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2 thoughts on “"i’m gonna have to move… to brooklyn!"

  1. It sounds like it would be sad to leave where you are, but there would definitely be pluses as well. I’m sure you could make Brooklyn your town just as you’ve done with Manhattan. 🙂

  2. Yeah… although it’s not like I live in the “hip” area of town. Still, it’s nice… it’s Manhattan… and the nighttime doorman’s super nice. I’ve got several friends now in Brooklyn, so I *guess* I would survive (haha).

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