bonding with craigslist

So now that I'm officially going to be moving this fall, a venture I'm doing this time sans-broker, I've already started stalking Craigslist. Yes, it's early – but I want to get an idea of what my options are. What's good and what's a rip-off. And to see any trend in upward or, prayerfully, downward changes in rent.

But then I remember the fun part of Craigslist. Oh Craig. So funny sometimes. One difference between DC and NYC is that most people don't bother to post much about subways. Whereas everything in DC was "just steps to the Metro" (which often equated to a small hike), I guess it's to be assumed in NYC that most things will be accessible by some line, even if it's the G train (Yeah and those? E-l-i-m-i-n-a-t-e-d from the list). Poof!

Some observations and comments after the first week of looking…

1) Love the ads describing apartments as "sun-drenched" or "cozy". Those must instead be read as "you will sweat during the summer, have a horrid A/C bill, and not be able to sleep on weekends" and "you will be in a prime location, but you *will* be living in a closet".

2) I'm very pro-photo. I doubt I will ever visit a place sans-photos. However, a big photo of only the toilet is not going to sell me on the place – seeing as I'm not planning on living on the porcelain throne. Nor will photos that claim to be "representative of apartments in the building". Why do so many places do that?!? What does that accomplish? Why is my vacant apartment not okay to be shown? Is someone like storing dead bodies there? You just never know…

3) I love references to "fabulous up and coming areas". We all know what that usually means. Mace? Required. And you may be dodging knives and/or bullets. Pass.

4) I love when they state they are "convenient to several laundromats". Interpretation? You shore ain't washing those clothes at home any more, senorita. (Although I just dropped off my clothes – time number two – and I am not missing my laundry room one iota).

It's been interesting to look. I've been slowly figuring out the different areas of Brooklyn, as Angelina's been schooling me in Brooklyn-ese. I am excited though about the prospect of living in a new area. Of course, all of the new restaurants to explore. And, hopefully a park closeby for Miss Dix, seeing as I discovered last night that the one closest to me had the lovely "no dogs allowed" sign prominently displayed.

I'm confident though I can find something better. And when I do, it'll be time for a housewarming. Perhaps brunch this time…

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2 thoughts on “bonding with craigslist

  1. I love looking at Craigs List, though I never though of doing it for places to live.

    Was the picture at least of a clean toilet??

  2. Oh yes – it’s great for apartment searching. I found two great places in DC on there. Yay for no realtor’s fee as well 🙂

    It was a clean toilet, by the way. But the surrounding snippet of the bathroom’s tile was not complimentary. In short, I’d have definitely recommended no photo there if that’s all you’ve got!

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