cue the hallelujah chorus

1) I got paid today. And this semi-monthly go round, there's no rent check to engulf said deposit immediately. Yesss! Shopping ban though? Still on.

2) I did manage to successfully finish my writing assignment for tomorrow. It was about mimicking another author's "voice" in our writing style. Not hard for me, as I've taken to reading memoirs and books by authors with a similar voice (Jenn Lancaster, Jennifer Weiner, Karyn Bosnak, Sloane Crosley…). I pulled an excerpt from Jen's book and matched it up with a fuller "A-to-Z" piece by yours truly on Neighbor-Samantha-Turned-Samuel. In the end, not half-bad.

3) My family's en route to NYC. They started their drive up from Bama yesterday and are only about 120 miles out at the moment. Next week? Vacation, baby! I'm busting out of Cubeville. We're headed to Montreal on Wednesday for several days (Any suggestions? Put 'em in the comments!). And Tuesday night? I'm going to see my first Yankees game ever. Pretty pumped for that.

Have a good weekend! I'm counting down to a long overdue meet-up with the gals from my sorority alum group. Tick tock…

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3 thoughts on “cue the hallelujah chorus

  1. First of all safe and pleasant journey wishes to your family.
    Second have a fabulous mini vacation.
    Third the writing assignment sounds quite interesting.
    Much bloglove,

  2. Yay for getting paid and having extra money! And for vacation! Sounds like life is pretty good for you right now. 🙂

  3. Thank you – family made it in, safe and sound. And they even parked the car in the city, an adventure in and of itself.

    And Zan, so true. I can’t complain! Lots in general going well. Life is good 🙂

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