weekend review: met-top balloon art

If you ever wonder why people would pay crazy rent and live in a shoebox, it’s for moments like the above. Even elbow-to-elbow with people spanning the entire space, the view of Manhattan from the top of the Met was amazing. The sun had just slipped away, leaving the city with a beautiful glow. Even with the line to get to the elevator to go up, it’s something I’d totally recommend at least doing once. Totally worth it. It was a fantastic scene for some prime catch up time with the ladies. The weather was just perfect for the occasion.

Saturday was my second “booth” session for my memoir class, and it also went well. I was still anxious going in, but similar to the first time I had nothing by complimentary feedback along with great ideas of things that would really improve my story. Lessons I’ve learned?

(1) In memoir, it’s hard to always communicate what’s important to the main character (i.e. you!). It’s hard to remember that everyone doesn’t know what you’re thinking. What makes you tick.
(2) I am a wordy writer. Fact. I’ve learned that adverbs and adjectives? Yeah, not necessarily a writer’s friend. I’ve yet to read Stephen King’s On Writing, but I’ve heard he harps on that there. And I’m guilty as charged.

In keeping with my trend of trying new places, I was off to Suba in the Lower East Side. Having never really dabbled South of Rivington, I was looking forward to giving it a go. Very interesting experience, for sure. Most of the seating was downstairs (so below ground level), with one room surrounded by a stagnant moat of sorts. Music went from quasi-Latin to more clubby beat, along with a transition from full-on lights to cave-like dark “mood” lighting. I’ll save the rest of the details on that one for another place/time. Great company, fantastic raspberry mojito, decent food … but not a restaurant high on my must-repeat list. I did confirm though that I am a fan of Stanton Social’s bar area. Very chill and fabulous place to kick back on a Saturday evening. Perfect way to end the night.

So my family got into town Friday night. We’ve been super low-key, which is nice. Saturday we did a late lunch and then hit up Bruce’s Cupcakery (FYI – “Bakery to the Stars!”). Today it was off to church and then up to Calle Ocho for some Father’s Day brunching (Happy Father’s Day Dad!). Dix went with Tam and my Dad to Central Park this afternoon. I’m ashamed to say I bowed out to hang in with my mom and help make our dinner. Oh yes. Our dinner? It was turkey round two from Thanksgiving, which had been frozen in my teensie freezer since Jive Turkey’s lame November shenanigans. It made for a tasty meal tonight. And Dixie would agree. Tonight? Tonight was her first round of green beans. Verdict? Yummmmm…


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