recipes a la senora mc cain

This made me laugh. A lot. In the age of Google, it baffles me how anyone would mooch content and not think it would come back up. Seriously.

In fine Plattsburg, nothing finer than a run to the local Applebee’s. I don’t think I’ve seen so many kids randomly roaming streets and sitting on the front steps of buildings in a downtown area basically ever. Very interesting.

We might have weaved in and out of rain (accented occasionally by a rainbow here and there – they just kept popping up out of nowhere) but we did get a nice clear view of Lake Champlain.

Super close to Montreal. Thank goodness I did find the rabies certificate from the vet so that Dix isn’t deemed a national threat to O Canada. Tuesday morning at work included calling the Canadian Embassy and then being referred to and speaking with the Border Patrol. Nice way to close up loose ends at work and use ones time effectively, right?

The pup was very good today. She even weathered a layover at the Woodbury Commons Outlets today, where she was lucky we only planned for a quick stop (as was my wallet). She did discover some extra features to our room here though… such as a blue crayon and a dead bug. Gracias, Dix.

Early tomorrow morning, we’re off. Thanks to feedback from the Fashionista and CS, we also now have some recommendations on spots to hit. We’re ready to go. Bring on the border. And FYI, I might be falling off of the map. Long story but yeah, losing Internet, cell phone, and all that jazz. And yes, confirmed, I will be twitching and exhibiting other such signs of withdrawal.


2 thoughts on “recipes a la senora mc cain

  1. Thanks 🙂 Enjoying it, even though (boo!) it’s been on and off raining the whole time. Hopefully it’ll dry up soon…

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