will the rain go away? oui oui!

(or so she hopes…)

I’m loving the approach to vacation we have taken. Not rush rush. Just see a little of this and that. And today, we smuggle the puppy everywhere. Anyone care? Nahhhh. We’ve been shopping. We saw the replica of Notre Dame. We had a nice lunch of savory and sweet crepes. Ah yes.

And today the rain has pretty much held off (knock on wood – oh please don’t come back). We’ve been enjoying the trip but the staples thus far have been cooler weather, rain, and lots and lots of French being spoken all around us.

We are basically staying in a nice bed and breakfast, in which our room is huge. Two big rooms interconnected by a massive hallway, which Dixie has turned into her lap-lane. She loves it. We left her here the first day and came back to a pile of shredded teal carpet. Thanks Dixie for identifying the seam in the carpet. That was an essential element to the room we had not yet successfully identified.

We’re off… time for dinner and to hit the Hard Rock Cafe. You know me – gotta get my pin for my collection!


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