pasta with a side o’ puppy

What a great trip. What did we do? A little this … a little that. Unfortunately my Mac doesn’t seem to like the images from my nicer camera, so those will have to wait (mostly the interior of Basilique Notre-Dame).

Sunset along Lake Champlain, as we stopped partway up.

Our room in Montreal? Amazing. This is just my parent’s portion of the room. We learned part of L’Argoat used to be a home. The other was a doctor’s office. It was four floors. Our “room” had two rooms, a long hallway, a bathroom, and a shower area (with shower stall and a jacuzzi). Lots of space – perfect for a few days away from the city.

Our dinner on Friday night was at Wienstein and Gavino’s, just up from the Hard Rock Cafe and not too far away from McGill. We ran in just as the downpour came, missing the worst of it. I’d brought Dixie along with us for the evening. The restaurant was quiiiiite loud. But she seemed subdued. Quiet. Peaceful. So I sat down her bag and had the audacity to focus on my appetizer salad I was splitting with my mom.

I soon glanced up to see a look of terror on my sister’s face. What? I didn’t know what as up. She looked over to the distance, where I saw Dixie had scurried off a good foot or so away and was about to take off and tool her way through the rest of the restaurant. I think besides my family, the only one who noticed Dixie’s romp was an older gentleman at a neighboring table, who smiled knowingly in my direction when I later left out.

I took a dive over to the floor to whisk her off of the floor – petrified that she could have fallen over the railing (we were waaaay up on the second floor, which hovered a long way above the first) and trying to not get us kicked out of the restaurant she wasn’t supposed to be in. Don’t think my heart came out of my throat until we made it back to the hotel. Ohhhh. Not good.

Tam then dubbed her “Toodles” for her toodling around the floor. Mom called her “Houdini”, which was then shortened to Dini and then upgraded to Teenie Dini. If this dog ever learns her name, it will be a miracle.

More shortly. I have a puppy who has a major me-centric mentality at the moment who just won’t hear anything of another post. I am pretty impressed that I was able to (1) upload the above photos and others to Flickr, (2) (mostly) unpack, and (3) write this post. I have to give Dix a little credit.


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