make mine maple

And now, a little more Canada…

Ohhhh le crepe… this one was apples, almonds, ice cream, all topped off with some fresh Canadian maple syrup. Seriously, the majority of my Canadian souvenirs were maple-related. I bought maple cream cookies, chocolates filled with maple, a nice glass bottle of maple syrup, and a maple cookbook (okay, that one came from Ben and Jerry’s… but it was to put the aforementioned maple syrup to work).

We happened upon a street festival in Montreal’s Plateau area. It was also French Heritage Day or something along those lines. All we knew was it meant lots of people out, music, food, and street sales. For Tam, her souvenir was one banging tan line, as she got quite burned.

We opted to drive back through Vermont, since how often do you get to do that? Tam and I had never been. It was very very green, with lots of tall skinny trees. A lot of the time, the cell reception went dead. It was beautiful and we drove through several villages and small towns. It was a nice change as we slowly approached our return back to the city.

And duh, what would a trip to Vermont be without a stopover at Ben and Jerry’s for some ice cream?? They only actually produce ice cream during the week, so we skipped the tour in favor of hitting the gift shop, the scoop shop (yummm – I had one of their new flavors, Cake Batter – only appropriate seeing as this year is their 30th anniversary), and the flavor graveyard.

Here’s my Dad and I as Ben and Jerry. I’m practically Ben’s twin. Wish I could turn a $5 correspondence course into such a lucrative business. I support any business which produces chunky ice cream.

I was excited to get a photo with the tombstone for Wavy Gravy, my twice retired favorite flavor. I guess they haven’t given it back it’s tombstone as it was missing. Humph. This one will have to do as a placeholder. Somewhat of a connection with the South. They also had retired a flavor called “Tennessee Mud”, which was coffee ice cream with slivered almonds, Amaretto, and Jack Daniel’s. Hmmmm. Interesting.

And now, no more vacation (for a bit). It’s back to work. Back to trying to make the pup behave (as she squats right now just shy of her pee pad – ahhhh way to show a puppy mama some love). Thank goodness next weekend is a holiday weekend 😉


4 thoughts on “make mine maple

  1. Crepes, ice cream and maple.

    Thank you for just making me drool on my keyboard.

    It looks like you had an awesome time!

  2. Ben & Jerry’s! Somehow despite growing up in NH, I’ve never been! I’ll be home in a week, so maybe I should take a trip there…it can’t be too far, and well worth it, right?

    Did you try Tim Horton’s while in Canada?

  3. Annie – haha I know, right? So good. I’m officially in maple withdrawal.

    Lex – go for it!! If you’re there Mon thru Fri, they are actually producing, so the tour would totally be worth it. Heck – it’s $3! And no… Tim Horton’s was everywhere and I honestly didn’t know what the heck it was. Was that a mistake to miss?

  4. Oh, wow, that crepe looks TO DIE FOR. The only crepes I’ve ever had were when I was in France for a few days back in 2004. LUSCIOUS…

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