Dixie lost her bottom two teeth. They were probably burried in the mass of shredded pee pad fluff I threw out at some point. Do dogs get money from the toothfairy too? Kidding. I guess it's only fair I got her a couple of toys at the pet store today. Knew they were winners when she went for them and started gnawing on them. Cha-ching!

I was gonna try to get a pic of Miss Gap Tooth, but she has other plans. I gave her back her newly purchased hoof (deemed "oh so tasty"). It was either that or new battle wounds for me.

Is it bad that I'm wondering how many more she has to loose before we're through with puppy teeth? A girl can dream that will at least bringing the chewing down, if only a notch.

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2 thoughts on “snaggletooth

  1. how old is she again? you can have her fixed @1 year and that helps. but i went through LOTS of shoelaces in the first two years. and still today, if she can manage to get her little snout into that trash can and find gold (aka: tissues and cotton balls), she can turn that into a snow-like living room scene.

  2. She’s four months. I know she’ll get better. Actually, will be taking her to get her fixed shortly. My vet said anytime after 4 months was good and that younger was better.

    She’s been pretty good (knock on wood) with shoe laces, although I’ve been careful to keep them away.

    Interesting on the shredding. Guess that’s just in their nature, right?

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