gap tooth proof

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Just had to share the picture I was able to get of Dixie’s missing teeth. I have been a little antsy as of late though to pull too hard when I’m trying to get her toys back from her as we’re playing fetch. I know I know… “they” say you’re not supposed to do that with them. But as good as she is about bringing it back to you, she’s not so good at letting go. My mom was trying to teach her the word “give”. So far, no luck there.

I think she’s going to be the first dog to know the word “gross”. Seriously, I’m always telling her “that’s gross” like she gets what it means or what I’m saying. I think if someone were to audio record my conversations with her, they would think I were a crazy person.

Oh and so I took a new approach yesterday with the pee pad. I sprayed it with the bitter apple spray, which they don’t like and is supposed to keep them from chewing. Verdict?

Pro: She *didn’t* chew the pee pad. It looked pristine when I returned from work.
Con: It seemed to just keep her away in general. So um yeah, her business? It was done elsewhere.



3 thoughts on “gap tooth proof

  1. Is there any way you could tape down the edges to the floor or something heavy so she couldn’t pick it up? If it doesn’t move, it might not look so fun anymore, but still be appealing as a place to potty.

  2. I hope it will… I’m not giving up, especially seeing as I have so many of them left in my closet. She’s gonna learn to be a layyyyyydy.

    I thought about taping them down, but she *loves* to pull at the corners on tape. I feel like that wouldn’t quite fly either.

    I’m still thinking…

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