to whom it may concern

I see waaaaay too many images like these on the weather forecast for this weekend for my taste. Boo. Not that I'm gonna let that keep me indoors, but I reserve the right to vent regardless.

But on one condition – no one had better mess with my 4th of July weekend. No more of this on-again-off-again showers and/or thunderstorm shenanigans. I mean, seriously!

On tap for me? Trip to Long Island (or as the Evite dubbed it, "Strong Island") and a BBQ in the BK. Dixie's going to be exploring all nooks of the area. Guess I'll see what she thinks of fireworks!

I also feel strangely like we will be walking into a frat house-esque situation in Long Island. We've been warned there's a towel shortage (so we should plan properly) and that due to space constraints, they may be setting up a tent camp in the back yard. Rest assured, there will be photos. Seriously though, excited to see lots of the DC crew and check out some fine, fine ribs (the guys are doing a BBQ cook-off, which I totally support).

Let the weekending begin! What do you all have on the horizon (aside from an emphatic anti-rain dance)?

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2 thoughts on “to whom it may concern

  1. I’m in North jersey right now and it’s starting to look a bit cloudy.
    I’m hoping for clear skies tomrrow and next weekend.
    Say hey to Miss Dixie for me.

  2. Well, we didn’t get all clear skies today – but we did get a few snippets, right? I’m holding on to hope for next weekend to be a full-on success on the weather front.

    And Miss Dixie says “hello” back!

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