to trim the ears, or not to trim?

So I’m taking Dix in for her first hair cut on Thursday (which, by the way, is more expensive than my own hair at the trendy salon I go to – who would have known that? bizarre…). The typical “yorkie cut” regardless if it’s the shorter cut (the “puppy cut”) or the longer do (that crazy long-haired look that’s not my thing) is to cut the hair around their ears really short so that their ears stand up.

Ever since I’ve had Dixie, her ears have been shaggy and have sort of flopped over. And now I’m faced with the decision – to trim short or to keep longer. Opinions?

By the way, is this doggie t-shirt not adorable? I couldn’t bring myself (yet) to spend $30 for such a little piece of fabric, but I will admit I think it’s most fabulous.


4 thoughts on “to trim the ears, or not to trim?

  1. I like them too… I am curious though to try it and see how it comes out. And it’s definitely not something I can swing solo anytime either.

    I’m leaning towards trying it… just to, you know, maximize on my investment 🙂

  2. I’m no vet, but is it possible that having long hair on the ears might lead to ear mites or worse? Your dog is adorable, so you might want to ask your vet so you can make an informed decision.

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