dish buzz: nelson blue

Nelson BlueThere are some very boring, generic restaurants at the Seaport, so when a friend said we should check it out I was a bit hesitant. However, the weather was nice and I’m always up for trying out a new place. We ended up grabbing dinner at Nelson Blue. The exterior opens up and on this particular night it made for a perfect selection (and was also a prime spot for people watching).

It’s definitely a restaurant/bar feel, but with better food to choose from. They describe themselves as a New Zealand bar, evident perhaps in their wine selection and somewhat better selection of a mix of food. We were looking for lighter bites and found they had a lot available for smaller portions on their menu. The corn and zucchini fritters were lightly battered – not heavy and just perfect. They have a nice assortment of skewers to choose from as well. The chicken came paired with a spicy peanut sauce which was some of the best I’ve had – not lumpy peanuty but yet a noticeable spicy peanut compliment to the poultry. The lamb kabob was good, but was not the best I’ve had. The lamb was a little too chewy, but to be fair it is only some five cubes of the meat I’m judging here.

Chocolate Pavlova, Nelson BlueThe dessert was the highlight for me – the chocolate pavlova. I’d never had pavlova before, which is apparently made with egg whites that are basically baked to a sort of marshmallowy meringue texture. To that, they added semi-sweet chocolate. Subtly sweet, it was one fine dessert. I’d recommend it highly.

Also of note is their cocktail menu. While many of the offerings have cliche names more appropriately associated with a trashy spring break bar, they are actually quite good. I wouldn’t let that deter you. Nice atmosphere for a post-work stop on a nice day. And you won’t know that the tourist packed Seaport is only around the corner.

Nelson Blue – 233-235 Front Street – 212.346.909


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