dixie diaries: dolled up dix

So check me out. I dropped of Miss Dix early this morning for a little trim trim. Ok, a BIG trim trim. Here she is now, all summer skinny and ready to be hauled from one end of Manhattan to the other (hopefully panting a little less). I ended up going for the full “puppy cut” – meaning not much hair left at all. And I had them do the short cut on the ears which you can see on Dix came out slim and trim, but she’s still got the floppy fun I didn’t want to lose – so score all around.

Little Miss Priss behaved herself quite nicely though. They had nothing but the best of things to say about her. She’s pretty finicky about going number two around strangers, so as if on cue she waited until the second we exited the groomers to bless me with her gift. Much love.

I think she’s still a bit thrown by the change in dynamics that comes along with the shift. Prime example being her plopping down on the wood floor of her apartment and her little hiney just went sliding backwards. It was oh too cute. And I’ve noticed her bottom teeth are coming in now. As Tam said, “Awwww, she’s becoming a laaaaady!”.


2 thoughts on “dixie diaries: dolled up dix

  1. Wow! Dixie’s looking good!!

    (Pretty crazy about her haircut costing more than yours, though! No wonder you don’t get it done very often!)

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