weekend review: patriotic plan b

My Fourth this year was a perfect mix of this and that – and all about Plan B, as most of the originally planned weekend was scrapped in favor of what turned out to be a great alternate plan. A little bit of holiday festivities. A little bit of friends. A little bit of downtime just doing whatever. Just good. The cook-out in Queens was a lot of fun. I loved the response I received back from the hostesses when I asked what to bring. First answer? The dog. Secondary comment? Oh, and maybe some sort of side dish. Love it. Dixie loved it too. Thankfully the Fashionista was in town to help me lug the food. That plus the dog would have made for one painful hike to Queens. The rain went in and out (and hah we did the same), but you just can’t beat hot dogs on the grill. Fabulous. I was introduced to a new cupcake place too and have to say, loved it. Just might make a voluntary run to Astoria to get another. Mmmm.

We missed the fireworks in person, but we did manage to get a fabulous view of the television screen at Totonno’s! Perfect. While the Fashionista was here, she showed me lots of her favorites from when she was here. We checked out vintage attire at Zachary’s Smile. We sampled (and bought) tasty cheese at Murray’s Cheese. I was introduced to the oh so yummy apple chardonnay chicken sausage at Zabar’s, along with their make-ya-drool chocolate rugelach. I also finally set foot in H&H Bagels. The frequently noted understated quality of their store was spot-on, as was the tastiness of their bagels. I feel like the West Side of the city and I are getting much closer to being fully introduced.

Saturday evening I finally made it over to Allen and Delancey, which did not disappoint. Sunday was supposed to be another cook-out but with the threat of thunderstorms (Seriously? Is this going to be the story of NYC in the summer? Ughhh), the cookout was scrapped. With all sorts of cook-out foods, Tam and I talked of just eating our food back at my place. Angelina then joined us for what turned out to be a day of food, random mindless movies, and way too much Bridezilla on television. The trashiness of those brides amused us perhaps a little too much, but what can you say. It was funny. A little Indian food to cap it all off, and the long weekend-ing was done.

The downside to a long weekend beginning on Friday? It doesn’t feel like a true long weekend. Come Monday, I felt like I had yet to get my cushion of a day. I’m just happy for next Friday, when I’ll likely be cashing in my as-of-yet-unused free Friday off for July. Yay work for summertime freebies!


2 thoughts on “weekend review: patriotic plan b

  1. Girl you were so in my neighborhood.
    Don’t be surpised if I’m tapping you on the shoulder one of these days.
    “Excuse me aren’t you Miss Dixie’s mommy?”

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