movies with a view

Tam, Angelina, and I decided it was high time to start taking more advantage of the free things offered around the city for the summertime. Just because. I checked the movie line-up and thought Stand by Me looked like one of the ones I’d most like to see (no, I’ve never seen it).

We met beforehand for dinner at Caffe Buon Gusto. It was a perfect day to have scooted out of work quickly for a dinner facing the street, as the area was filled with people walking all along the streets. We then stopped at Five Front, which had a great patio area, before continuing on for the movie.

Perhaps we should have opted to get there earlier, as the movie had already started and we were stuck sitting further back on the side. The sound wasn’t *bad*, but it wasn’t fantastic for someone who had never seen the movie (ehem me) and who needed to be able to hear better to have an inkling as to what was going on. I did learn I just might want to rent that one and oh say try again.

But the view was fantastic. Spectacular. It was great to see the Waterfalls exhibit at night in front of the skyline of downtown Manhattan. And that was just about perfect (along with the fabulous snacks we smuggled in).


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