dixie diaries – 6 days and counting of success

I’m a little behind on posting… I realized I never did provide an update on my attempts again to corral the little one into a confined area of the apartment. I was afraid my two separate gates when stacked would not be able to withstand the force of my little pistol. I was pleasantly surprised to come home to her cute little face, still blocked by the fort constructed by yours truly.

And the training gurus at Puppy Kindergarten were right. I think it’s teaching her discipline and she doesn’t seem to be sporting the same attitude like she’s entitled to all of my apartment (which is good, seeing as once I move, her kingdom may very well be shrinking along with the downsize in rent).

She didn’t have the best day at puppy kindergarten, which was very much my fault this past week. I scurried out of work early in order to make sure I had time to assemble her assortment of required “materials” (2-3 types of treats, 2 favorite toys, 2 favorite reward mechanisms – like a Kong/etc). I sauntered to the subway cutting the time a bit too short only to find the train not coming and once it did, it proceeded to sit and sit between stations. I was getting a bit worked up (which seems to pass along directly to the pup) and hopped out at Bryant Park in hot pursuit of a cab.

Being self-admittedly directionally challenged, I took of South but did not realize I was plunging directly into the wasteland you’ve heard me refer to with such love – Times Square. Oy. Panting and huffing, I bowled my way through of the typical elbow-to-elbow tourist traffic. Many even shouted out mean comments about me being a mean New Yorker. So not the case, but at the moment, they could call me whatever they wanted if they would just learn to get OUT of my way.

I hauled my booty up some ten blocks trying to get out of that stretch where it is just a joke to even try to find a cab. I finally scored a cab, but it was hands down the most uncomfortable cab ride of my life (and yes, I’ll even bump it a notch over the DC cab driver who tried multiple times to invite himself into my apartment – creep-o). This guy didn’t know I was late. Oh help us if he knew there was additional justification for weaving like a maniac through towards downtown. There were several times he switched lanes so tight, I thought we had to be set to crash into the bus in front of us or the fellow cab to the right, one. And as I was freaking out, I could feel Dix start to rev up as well.

As we jaunted into the classroom a classy fifteen minutes late (a class we did not attend the first time around since the locksmith was demolishing my high security lock so I could get into my apartment, having lost my keys and having no way to get in to get my dog), I knew this was not going to be her finest hour. And oh it wasn’t.

As we went around the room, we would take turns trying to get them to respond to the command “come”. Those show-offs (yes, note the jealousy?) whose dogs already were capable of responding to “sit” sans-treats also demonstrated for the class. What did Dixie demonstrate? Her vocal chords. She wouldn’t stop barking and distracting the other dogs. Yes, she’d become one of those dogs I’d mentioned she thankfully was not in class number one. I think the most important lesson of the evening was learned by me – get the pup to class on time. Duh.

I took Dix over for some additional introductions post-class. She proceeded to lose two more teeth, this time much more obviously. She performed her regular clean-up duties, returning toting a small paintbrush, a q-tip, and some Kleenex. Not bad — any place dirty would have meant much more exciting loot for my favorite four-legged algae eater.


2 thoughts on “dixie diaries – 6 days and counting of success

  1. oh yeah! so glad things are improving! that’s quite the lock down you have going on- cracks me up that all taht is needed for such a tiny little girl.

  2. I know, right? She’s got some spunk to her, for sure. I’m hoping the class stuff will start to sink in. She’s still not picking up on sit…

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