and the sun makes an appearance

To wrap up the weekend, Sunday was such a pleasant surprise following a kind of gloomy Saturday. Not too far beyond noon, we were off en route to the beach to catch some rays. Unfortunately, so was everyone else in the area. We went to one beach to find a line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot. Hmmmm. No. So we turned around and went to the local beach, which requires a pass to park on the weekend. A little better, but still some waiting.

But it was worth it! Not much time in the water (check out the jellyfish here that washed up in the sand – they were everywhere…) but it was great. There was a truck in the parking lot selling food. Grilled cheese and a cold Diet Coke while sitting in the sand. What more does one need?

Oh and watching the guys play keep away in the pool (not too dissimilar from what I would do with my puppy) made me laugh. A lot…


2 thoughts on “and the sun makes an appearance

  1. August has always been jellyfish month up around that area – I don’t know what it is, but once August hits, they are out like mad.

    Sounds like a good time though!!!

  2. Really??? Ughhhh good to know. I’m always cold, so chances are I’ll be resigned to the pool anyhow. Especially now!!!

    It was a good time. Any other recs from the local?

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