dish buzz: bring on the beans

photo via flickr

Coffee beans that is. New Yorkers love their coffee, and the options rather than the typical Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts abound. I will admit to having traveled a bit in the name of coffee. Here are some of my favorites.

EJ’s Luncheonette (447 Amsterdam Avenue / Upper West Side) enticed me in with their promise of free refills on the iced coffee. Was it the best cup? Eh. Probably not. But when it’s hot, humid, and just plain nasty out, what more do you need? I didn’t even make it to trying their crunchy french toast (coated with almonds and cornflakes). That’s a bonus reason for returning.

The Mudtruck fits with the whole “food on wheels” thing that Manhattan has going, but it was doing it before the waffle wars and the pizza brigade as of late. Arrive late, and you just might get your espresso at a late-in-the-day reduced price. Just the perfect amount of zing in this espresso presentation. You can find them roaming around Sheridan Square in the West Village. Exact address? Unknown.

Financier Pastry Shop (62 Stone Street) is down in the Financial District, where I feel like most places tend to be chains or just not worth stopping. It had a catchy logo and good reviews, so I caved and stopped in. Their cappuccino, while not the frothiest I’ve ever had, was just so darn perfect. Nice and warm on that cold winter day and came paired with a free madeleine cookie (light and just slightly sweet). Oh and their scones? Divine.

To reach Via Quadronno (25 East 73rd Street), I walked block after block out of my way. I was starving. But I had heard it had some fabulous cappuccinos and lattes and was intrigued to judge for myself. And then I had to wait. And wait. The restaurant was bustling and a little on the cramped side, but all of that faded when my cup arrived. I used to see the foam as fluff. Non-essential. I think I learned how much it can really add. Oh wow. I think that might be the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. But then, there are many cups left to be had.

What is your favorite place for coffee in the city? What’s the worst cup you’ve had?)


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