dixie diaries – schmear come here!

Muchas gracias to JP for this way too cute video. We had intended to enjoy some H&H bagels outside on the benches at Rockefeller Center. I learned that the plaza area is private property and therefore “NO DOGS ALLOWED”. Signs anywhere? Nah. Nasty guard to chase me around? But of course. And made me spill my coffee. Humph. Nice of him to choose the one time I opted for hot coffee since I don’t know when.

Anyhow, we didn’t let Guard Grumpy rain on our experience. And Dixie had a fabulous time, as you can see here, meeting JP and and R. More on this weekend later. And now, off to puppy play hour…


5 thoughts on “dixie diaries – schmear come here!

  1. Yes, it was indeed unfortunate about the surly guard and being unable to sit at Rockefeller Center, but the quality time, the H&H bagels, the schmear, the good weather…all were wonderful. Thanks for making the effort to get up early and bring Dixie to meet us. She's precious.

  2. No… should have. No cream cheese, but lots of yummy yummy doggy jerky. She looooves that.

    And Sci, we didn’t let that grumpy guard keep us down did we? What a great weekend. Thanks for meeting us so early. It made for a perfect morning!

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