verboden in singapore

Verboden is officially my favorite German word! Just love it… Anyhow, I am working on something at work (imagine that) and just learned something interesting about Singapore. Intrigued. The following items are either prohibited or severely taxed:

  • Attempted importation of Narcotics and Arms into Singapore may carry the Death Penalty.
  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products
  • Pornography and literature of a politically sensitive or subversive (communist) nature
  • Video films
  • Guns, ammunition and other weapons (e.g. knives. swords, spear guns. blow pipes, bows and arrows, etc.) including replicas or antiques and toy guns in pistol shape
  • Hand-held radio transmitting devices
  • Narcotics. (ok no biggie here)
  • Animals from the Endangered Species List that have been stuffed
  • Car/Motorcycle
  • Chewing gum. (ooops big violation this direction… yes, I’ve slipped on my gum-free resolution)

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One thought on “verboden in singapore

  1. It’s crazy over there. I remember when I was in high school seeing that guy who was about our age get a caned (spl? as in beat with a cane- not can). Scary stuff. Proof that just because something is pretty on the outside (without gum those streets must me pretty clean!), it’s not always pretty on the inside.

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