hot beer is spanish for liar!

We went to this Mexican/Spanish restaurant over in DUMBO last Thursday before we went to see another one of the movies under the Brooklyn Bridge (last week it was Pleasantville, which was pleasant enough before the rain came). We tried to eat at Superfine but after the hostess was super NASTY we opted to take our business elsewhere. Bummer cause the place was pretty cute. Seriously? Never had a hostess be so rude and then proceed to be syrupy nice upon your exit. Bizarre.

The bizarre-ness continued as we went to the Mex/Spanish restaurant (name eludes me, and this place seems to be Yelp-proof since I couldn’t find it on there just now). It was something like Paco’s or Pedro’s. Anyhow, they had cheese quesadillas on the menu but when my sister asked for one, they said they didn’t have them. Um ok. And the people in front of us? I think they thought figuring out the bill at the register for their small party of three was on par with brain surgery.

But the highlight of the evening? It had to be this sign that was hanging over the fridge where all of the canned drinks, including all of the beer, were housed. Hot beer? Really? Funny, it’s where the bartender is going to and from and he seems to be serving it up to paying patrons as they proceed to enjoy its COLD goodness. Boo Paco’s/Pedro’s/whatever the name was. Your customers? They’re a taaaaad bit smarter than you think they are…


2 thoughts on “hot beer is spanish for liar!

  1. So was it really hot?? Or was it just a funky sign?

    (Forgive me if I missed something. I’ve been staring at the computer screen for 3 days and things have stopped making sense.)

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