hi ho, hi ho…

I told someone the other day that my trip weekend before last on the Jitney not only made me think of that episode from SATC, but it also made me see the line of adults queuing up around me like they were young children waiting instead on the bus for summer camp. All were anxious and all had their duffel bags ready for the trip. It was like sleepaway camp, but the term was only for the weekend.

The comment that the Hamptons are taking a large percentage of Manhattan and shoving them into the two forks of the state is correct. Most of the trip out I was hearing the running commentary of the latest restaurant on the Upper West Side or about so-and-so’s friend from the East Village who would be joining the group for the weekend’s festivities.

Not that I’m complaining, for sure. Just interesting to observe and note. Because check out this picture here. Yeah. Perfect. This past weekend, the weather was looking pretty iffy – and you have to figure if you go out there enough, some weekends are gonna be a bust weather-wise. This one though was a pleasant surprise. The clouds of death present Friday night as we were on the LIRR never lead to showers overhead, and those storms forecasted for Saturday and Sunday never came to pass as both days virtually went by without a cloud in the sky.

Friday night’s dinner was five pounds of grilled octopus a la Mario Batali (which ended up meaning super spicy – dang lots of red pepper, but good) followed by an “intense” game of Taboo. That game was possibly the last one we’ll play. It was quite funny though, as they were taking that whole buzz when the opposing team says part of the word to the extreme. “In” was taken to indicate one player was going to say Indian and “so” was taken to indicate another was going to say sorcerer. I think “so” was more likely to be one of those verbal statements people say while they’re pondering, but then again that was for my teammate so perhaps I’m biased.

Saturday we hit Shelter Island, which is an island accessible only by a drive-on ferry. It takes only some five minutes to get over but the Island had such a different feel about it than Sag Harbor and Bridgehampton. Very relaxed, from the people to the style of houses. We first grabbed drinks at Sunset Beach (where we watched most of the sunset) before heading on to fantastic dinner at Vine Street Cafe. We went down about midnight to the beach and just hung out under an almost full moon. Truly a perfect night.

Sunday it was back to the beach, where I walked away with 1/2 a red neck. Lovely. We finished off the day with some homemade peach ice cream before heading back into the city. I can’t help but be greedy and hope for more of the same weather this weekend. Fingers crossed!


2 thoughts on “hi ho, hi ho…

  1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good weather for you too!

    But only because you said homemade peach ice cream, and just reminded me that in another week or so we’ll be driving to Auburn…and right through Clanton…where they make the best peach ice cream…

  2. Thank you 🙂

    And oh my… the fuzzy peach structure in Clanton! I looooove that landmark. I always said it um looked like a fuzzy peach butt. You know it does… when my family went that way back from Destin, I took quite a few photos. Hah! I’ve never actually had the ice cream there though. Hmmmmm…

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