where my presents at?

Hah. My all-time favorite quotation from the MTV gem, "My Super Sweet Sixteen". Never fails to astound me the quantity of people willing to be utter fools on TV.

This new offering features these former princeses exiled in various locations – nowhere comfy. Quotations in the commercial include things long the lines of "I only drink bottled water…" and "I just don't understand why my daddy did this to me!".

Probably really bad. But I'm kind of amused. In a sad sad kinda way.

And I think my dog thinks she's digging a tunnel to China … or maybe she's the guy in Shawshank Redemption! And owwww. She just found my pinkish legs. Off to rectify…

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2 thoughts on “where my presents at?

  1. I would laugh more at that show, but then I realize that in another couple of years I’m going to have these kids in my classes…and that thought makes me cry.

  2. I know – so true. But then they’re (the parents) the ones to blame here. The way they pamper these brats is absurd.

    I think I had a basic birthday party for my 16th and was just happy I had a car. I didn’t need a super expensive custom dress to wear to my crazy expensive party. Just give me a slice of cake, and I’m good to go!

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