dixie diaries – the graduate

Today Dixie graduated from Puppy Kindergarten at Biscuits and Bath. Awwww! I was sad that they didn’t have caps as they had joked they would (I’d have brought my own!) but she did get her little diploma. And she might not have all of the commands down perfectly, but we’re gonna work on it. They’ve given me a lot of good ideas of things to work on with her. If nothing else, she’s gotten to where she looks to me to approve or disapprove, whereas before she was La Reina (only needing a tiara to confirm).

I’m proud of her though! She’s come a long way from the squirmy little A.D.D. pup I brought in during week one and sure… she’s still a tad squirmy… but she responds better. Yay Dixie! To celebrate, Tam and I hit Insomnia Cookies in the Village for some hot chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough brownies. Yum!


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