weekend review: lobsters and torn sundresses

Dixie will be happy to hear this past weekend was my last at the beach. Definite highlight was the weekly “Twilight Thursday” event at Wolffer Vineyards. Was it the best wine I have ever had? Nah. Even as one who prefers white, I’d give their red wines (cab franc… pinot noir) the nod by far. The music was nice and the grounds were absolutely beautiful, especially as the sun slowly slipped away. Only downside was my managing to somehow rip the right strap of my sundress, leaving it with um nothing to hold it up. Thank goodness for my wrap shrug. Ugh!

Rest of trip was mostly relaxation. Here’s some photos that sum it up nicely…

Fresh broiled lobster… then grilled a tad more to finish it off. This Bama girl had um no clue how to eat the darn thing. I got a quick crash course though. Not bad. Not bad at all. It was preceded by peaches wrapped in pancetta soaked in balsamic (amazing), summer corn risotto, and a zucchini salad. Oh my – I’ve gotta learn how to cook (and I’m already sorting through recipes tonight – this will happen).

The farm stands out there had the most beautiful flowers. Here are some of the arrangements we made. Just can’t beat fresh flowers.

Sunday I spent the afternoon at the pool going through one of my stories from my writing class – cause that first draft of my story? Yeah – far from close to being even halfway done. I did go through feedback from my classmates and now that I have finished off Stephen King’s “On Writing”, I can confirm he would have a field day with my writing. I did an exercise quasi based on his thoughts (which are that adverbs are the devil) and circled all of the adverbs in my piece. Ick. You would have thought it was his first pass at Carrie. Blood galore. You know though, it looked much better as I plowed through those “ly” words. It was an interesting exercise, even though my manuscript smells faintly now of chlorine and perspiration. Awesome.

And now it’s back to the city. Boss is back in the office this week. But thankfully, another long weekend is on the horizon. And I’m taking a break this week. So you won’t see me here a bit. With the upcoming long weekend, thought I’d take a week to spend out in the real world and take a short hiatus from the virtual one (although I will be popping in for sure to link through to my weekly review on Neighborbee).

What does everyone have planned for the long weekend?


5 thoughts on “weekend review: lobsters and torn sundresses

  1. Another wedding in Virginia. See you soon-ish though. The beach trips sound love lovely and I’m glad the dress wasn’t torn beyond being repaired. Enjoy the hiatus! I had a full 9 day one (pretty sure that hasn’t happened in years) and it wasn’t bad.

  2. Sarah – wow, 9 days? Super jealous. No true vacation. Just one from the blog.

    Not quite sure on the dress. It looks pretty bad. Might never make it to the big third time out. Soooo sad. Bad Ann Taylor.

    But yes, see you soon. If nothing else, for sure at my birthday party 🙂

  3. Enjoy the break! I’ll admit, sometimes I think I’m ready to quit blog 365, but then when I decide “Forget it” I get an attack of guilt and post something.

    I had to laugh though, at the thought of you not knowing how to eat lobster. Not laughing in a mean way, I promise! I miss fresh lobster. That one looked fabulous!!

  4. Annie – thanks. The break’s been good 🙂 And well, we don’t make too much lobster in AL. Complicated process, although reminded me of the work it takes to get a minute amount of meat out of a crawfish (ewwww). But the lobster in the pic sure was tasty!

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