more adventures in craigslisting

Oh how I love the apartment search process – and with it now September and having (eeeek) formally given written notice to my property manager, it's full steam ahead from here. I'm still stuck with mostly ads for ASAP September occupancy, which I hope nobody wants and they will give a tad on rent for someone like me who comes along in mid-October. Besides, school is starting this week and so there's more movement around this time of year. I will say, I'm thankful for having gotten off of my August move timing — way too hot to be dealing with that nonsense.


But anyhow, just wanted to share one of my favorite "features" noted on Craigslist to date. Might be impossible to top. "Living super". Really? I'm no lawyer, but I would think that would definitely qualify as a bona fide occupational qualification. If it’s a live in super, I can only aspire for him to parallel the likes of my sister’s fabulous 60 year old trans-super. In the meantime though, it certainly amused me. Ah Craig, my boy, you never disappoint me.

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