weekend review: dixie, the girls, and mister softee

Very fun weekend. The “last of summer”, right? If one more person says that, I think I will lose it. Anyhow, Dixie made the trip out to BedStuy with me, and despite some impatience in her carrier midway through the A train hike, it was a fairly uneventful trip. And she wasted no time in seeking out any and ALL flip flops in the immediate area. Bandit. Check out her crazy super reflective eyes!

I will say, I was quite amused that we heard the Mister Softee truck go by way later than I would think that they would encourage children to come fleeing for ice cream. I couldn’t help but wonder though if it was Mister Softee or one of the countless Mister Fauxs on the streets. But ice cream is kinda ice cream… I’ve heard Mister Softee’s not quite all that. Sorta burst my bubble. Boo.

A little Wii competition never hurt anyone. I do understand now the phrase “Wii shoulder”. Owwww. Someone needed to tell me I was not Serena or Venus Williams.

At the end of the excursion, Dixie was drained. She was the most peaceful I’ve ever seen her — something I’m guessing I won’t likely see again anytime soon.


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