casting change

As I left out for work yesterday earlier than usual, I couldn’t help but notice how pretty the streets of New York really are in the morning – in that tiny window before the streets are overrun with people scurrying to work. When the sky is a fierce blue reflecting off of the silent windows of the sides of high rise after high rise. All too soon though, the streets become crowded with pairs of loafers and heels scurrying in every direction. The city is great because of its opportunities – so many people, so many options, and with that, so many people coming into and out of your life.

There are some people you just can’t avoid – they’re the ones you learn to deal with. There’s the somewhat gruff doorman I have to see every morning. Some days he wants to tell me to have a good morning and has even gone so far as to ask about my plans for the day. But some days, I can tell my tendency to stop and offer a chipper comment really grates on his last nerve. And then there’s one of the traffic guards, who every day cracks me up as her traffic control skills are much more akin to an R&B dance in the middle of Second Avenue. Before I move, this must be captured on video. It’s just too good.

Likewise though it’s funny how we control in some way so many of the others with which we are in contact with on a daily basis – from our co-workers (in some way because you ultimately choose to stay in your job) to the friends we choose to include into our little worlds. And with so many options and so many reasons for people to view as reasons to include or exclude, it seems that list is ever fluctuating. I guess that’s why you see the list of names I reference here are few – those that are the core cast. The dependable trustworthy ones in it for the long haul.

Behind the scenes? There are those who come in and out, part of the ebb and flow of the city, those nameless characters as so many are ultimately en route to the exit door. Who have their moment of fleeting importance. This month it was apparently my role to unknowingly participate in what could be one of those countless MTV reality shows dubbed something along the lines of “Date My Friends”. I didn’t realize I was embarking on a month of weekend vacation tests. If so, I might have bought a new bikini…

Sometimes, you realize you’ve been really trying to be understanding with someone who would never go to the same lengths for you. And that you’ve not really lost out. In the end, you win some and you lose some, and learn a little something along the way – even when it seems there might not be something there always is. And with a night of good sleep behind me and what promises to be a fun weekend ahead, I think I’ll crank up the iPod with a little bit courtesy of that famous lady with the last name of Amos and see if I can give that traffic guard some competition.


2 thoughts on “casting change

  1. “Sometimes, you realize you’ve been really trying to be understanding with someone who would never go to the same lengths for you.”

    Yes, that’s exactly right. And it’s hard to swallow, but we’ll be a little more careful next time around.

  2. I really like this post. You’re so right about the people we interact with every day — how it’s a CHOICE (most of the time, at least).

    And the part about being understanding towards someone who wouldn’t show you the same consideration? Yeah…been there, done that, too.

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