dish buzz: peaches market

Peaches Market - BedStuy

If i had a food mantra for my attitude towards food in the city, it would be “will travel for good food.” I’d read about Peaches Market long before its arrival in Bedford-Stuyvesant. I’m not sure how it took me this long to make it out there. Catch the A to Brooklyn and then get off at Utica Avenue. Great food is just a short walk away from there.

I will admit to being quite disappointed that they were out of fried green tomatoes. The restaurant buys everything fresh daily from the greenmarket — the menu items are fresh, seasonal and change up frequently. Which means they are sometimes out of menu items. Rest assured fried green tomatoes you will be mine…

BBQ Shrimp Appetizer - Peaches Market

Instead of fried green tomatoes, we opted for the BBQ shrimp with coconut rice. The BBQ sauce was quite sweet (molasses? honey? not sure which, but good). We also got a side of cornbread — $1 for three little muffin-sized pieces. Compared to other places in NYC, I would say their cornbread was pretty sweet (butter need not apply) and extra points for the absence of chunky corn kernels.

I was torn for the main course — they all sounding fabulous. I went with the hand-dipped flounder which came with barbecue fries. I was expecting some extra punch on the barbecue fries, so I was a little disappointed to find they were simply seasoned fries. Not that one was left behind though… The fish was very lightly battered, a definite plus as the flavor of the fish was not overpowered. I was a big fan of their tartar sauce. I can’t quite place what was in it, but it was perfect.

Be sure to ask about the specials! While the menu changes up regularly, there are also items not listed on the menu. Our offerings for the day included salmon and red snapper. Currently Peaches is BYOB. We brought some wine with us, and they were very accommodating – even to the point of bringing out a bucket for us to chill it in.

For dessert, we opted to try what else – the peach cobbler (and yes, with ice cream). While the peaches and vanilla ice cream were good, we found a distinct absence of… well… the cobbler. That flaky crusty goodness? It was nowhere to be found. I have to say, next time I would opt for a different finale.

Excellent service. Great variety. I’m definitely a fan of the greenmarket connection and, well, all things somewhat Southern that carry a degree of class – as Peaches does, so I’ll be back for those fried green tomatoes.

Peaches Market – 393 Lewis Avenue, Brooklyn – 718.942.4162
Note: Restaurant is closed Mondays and Tuesdays; Currently dinner only (expansion to brunch/lunch is planned)


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