weekend review: spam and restaurant-ing

The downside of summer is people here, there, and everywhere, which more often than not equates out to no empty evenings in common and way too long between times you actually see your friends. Thank goodness this weekend was all about lining it up.

Friday was drinks at Rise. The intention of sitting outside and taking in the beautiful scene was not in the cards. I arrived and went outdoors to find rapidly increasing wind strength (ahhhh Gustav) as my hair proceeded to go straight up. The view was beautiful as well from indoors. We were then off to L’Ecole, where my friend Holl was finally able to share what has been such an important part of her life since she moved here from South Florida. I still don’t know how she works all day and goes to school at the French Culinary Institute three times a week for five hours on those days. Wow. And this Southerner was quite amused when our bill came out paper clipped to a postcard commenting on Spam. Classic. And then we tried to explain Spam to our friend at the table fairly recently in from Canadian. Not sure how successful we were at that! How would you explain Spam??

I’ll save my review of the restaurant for later on Neighborbee, but we had quite a nice dinner. We then got a tour of the school. It was fascinating to see the students hard at work. We briefly met the chef who is currently her teacher. She told him she wanted him to meet us, to which he replied “Sheeeeeet!” that he’d have to be presentable. He was a trip. Holl introduced me as a fellow Southerner and he said that Holl “always blames it on the Southern”. Haha. She had described her hair to him recently as dirty blonde and thinking of it more literally with his primary language being French, he found that amusing. She referenced my almost dirty blonde hair and he blushed. Very amusing. They also had a wall containing the handprints of many famous chefs. Sort of like a Hollywood Star that appeals more to the tummy. I support.

And look at this face… I woke up the next morning to a pup who didn’t support my plans to catch up on some lost zzzzzzs. So I grabbed her new football, put it on the bed, and Dixie was in Heaven…

And the rest of the weekend in photos…

Farmer’s Market – Thompson Square Park, East Village

A friend and I walked all the way from the East Village to the Upper West Side. We happened upon Fashion Week at Bryant Park, and decided we too could pose as paparazzi. Why not?

And I finally got to check out Pudding Stones West, a wine bar I had been curious about on the Upper West. Eh. Had a fun time with the ladies, but definitely was not floored by this selection. I did enjoy sitting outdoors on such a perfect September evening (the likes of which I’m sad to acknowledge wil be dwindling). Is it bad to admit the highlight of this part of the weekend was the subsequent first trip of mine to Ray’s Pizza (sooooo good) and round two of girl’s night with the ladies?

Great weekend… and only even more to look forward to with my birthday on the horizon. Can’t beat that!


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