feliz cumpleanos a mi

Almost time to head out of the office! All is set for the weekend – so ready to roll, even though I just saw people in the lobby going by with umbrellas (NOOOOO rain go away!). I've got three friends staying at my place for the birthday festivities — one arrives in tomorrow and two tomorrow afternoon.


Reservation for tonight? Check.

Reservation for tomorrow night? Check.

Reservation for Sunday day-of birthday brunch? Check.

Fun new dress for tomorrow's festivities? Check.

Fun bracelet for tomorrow night that I thought I'd lost but (yay) managed to find? Check.


Should be a packed weekend, but I'm excited. Excited to be able to combine some of my favorite DC ladies with my new NYC friends. Should be a perfect birthday weekend. I know people claim you reach the point where you stop celebrating. Where another year's depressing. Where it begins to not be fun. I say I don't think so. To me, it'll always be my day. I think your birthday is a day where you can just celebrate life. Your friends. Your family. And in whatever means you see fit. As my sister likes to say, "I do what I want!". And for this coming weekend, yeaaaaaah – that's the plan 🙂

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7 thoughts on “feliz cumpleanos a mi

  1. Thank you all 🙂 It’s been the birthday that never ends (today, the Thursday following for example, I had birthday lunch with my manager).

    It was a positively fabulous one. Perhaps I’ll just keep on celebrating, seeing as tomorrow is Friday and all… why stop?

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