pink rhinestone birthday girl

So what’s a girl to do for a 29th birthday? Hmmm. You can mourn the impending three ohhhh. Um, no. Pass. Or, you can plan a weekend so jam packed you almost lose your voice and end up having to stay out of work on Monday. Yes yes. That’s more like it, for sure.

Friday was intended to be low key. No biggie. My first of three guests was arriving into town and we had reservations for a little sushi action. There was talk of some karaoke and calling it an early night. And then her bus got stuck in traffic and our 9pm reservation went back, 30 minutes at a time, before we found ourselves selecting our rolls of choice at 10:30. At that point, I think low-key was off.

From there, we were off to karaoke. One of the few things I will miss about my neighborhood will be my karaoke bar. Xoxo. So we were waiting for our number to come up when lo and behold who should be chilling in one of the private karaoke rooms but Mr. Tiki Barber! Very amusing. We did a couple of duets. A little Avril Lavigne (no, it doesn’t *always* have to be so complicated) and some Belinda Carlisle. And then I did a lot of laughing when this creepy guy came up and proceeded to hit on me, forgetting he had already gone through the same routine several months back.

“Has anyone ever told you that you look like Mena Suvari?”

I bit my tongue. Yes, I have heard that elsewhere. But you know where else I had heard it? From this very same too-young-formerly-sunglasses-wearing-indoors guy. Sigh. So our early(ish) night became a bedtime of 3AM. Ooops. And thus began the weekend!

Saturday was pedicures, some fro-yo, picking out some fabulous quasi-peep toed pumps for the evening’s fun, and then before we knew it, the remaining members of our inbound-from-DC crew were here and getting ready. The rain came and (phew) thankfully went before we headed down to the East Village for a fantastic dinner at Barbone. Review coming.

From there, it was off to Mason Dixon to meet up with all of my friends for the full celebration. We had a section of the bar saved for our group, but we had to run off the traces of a white trash bachelorette party (no, I’m not being catty – they were seriously themed – white wife beaters and black bras with nicknames written on in Sharpie) to claim all of our turf. I was sad to discover that their mint juleps were a Derby only feature, but we made do.

And yes yes, I did ride the mechanical bull. Last time I was there, I thought it was tempting. Sadly, I was wearing a denim mini-skirt. Yeah. Not to conducive to bull riding. One friend that night said “friends don’t let friends ride mechanical bulls in mini-skirts”. Darn it. Well, this time I was wearing my fabulous new dress BUT did come prepared with a change of clothes. Score! And one friend was poised and ready to videotape the whole thing. I will say, ouch, it was a tad more painful from the onset than I was anticipating (I completely do not understand how guys can even physically do this?!?). I have absolutely nooooo upper body strength, especially not arm strength, so I was pretty proud I did as well as I did. And the whole falling part I thought might be painful? Eh. That was the easy part. Very fun and even more so with a cheering crowd of some of your best friends! And from there we were off to the Magician before grabbing a 2:30ish falafel. In home in bed by 4AM. Good night. Oh yes.

For my actual birthday on Sunday, it was brunch time with the ladies… some shopping (including a wig cap for Halloween – I’m so read)… and then a wonderful dinner at a nearby wine bar with Angelina to round out the day. Some days you feel surrounded by friends… surrounded by love from those physically present and those with you always in spirit. And the 2-9 definitely had a little of all of the above. Could not have asked for more.


One thought on “pink rhinestone birthday girl

  1. Happy belated 29th, girlie! I’m super-proud of you for riding that mechanical bull. I don’t know of one around here…if so, I think I’d be tempted to try it myself! 🙂

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