dixie diaries – daycare diva

For the past month, I've had Dixie in daycare. Every day. The place I had her in kindergarten classes called with a promotion on daycare for unlimited daycare for one month. It just happened to coincide with my heart attack weekend where Dixie was barking loud enough to prompt a gruff call from the doorman to inform me that a complaint had come in on the loud barking of my dog, a statement which was followed by "I didn't know you had a dog…". All of the sudden, the offer sounded like a perfect idea, as my goal is definitely to finish out the terms of my lease before moving into what should be a better location for me all-around (from access to subways to access to fun stuff to access to work).
I was ecstatic to learn that they offered daycare seven days a week – as I knew that meant I would definitely be using all seven and that meant I could have all day Saturday and Sunday to pack without my sweet four-legged friend being there to (sometimes politely) bark for attention. I knew she would love it, being the social gal she is, and I was optimistic that she would return to me groggy as she has more energy to work off than I can ever seem to help her expend post-work. I went to pick her up the first time a few weeks back. I put her on her leash and figured it was a nice day out, and so we could walk up the somewhat short walk to my apartment. We walked all of some 8 blocks before she plopped down, looked up at me like I was nuts, and refused to budge. It was too cute, as her eyes had a sympathetic slant to them as if to say "really, please know I'm not intentionally being defiant here".
When we arrive home now, she still follows me around. She still doesn't love if I cook (lucky for her, I no longer can – with everything packed away in a box safely stuck until mid-October beneath sheet after sheet of wrapping paper). But she will curl up and quietly watch television with me. And at the end of the day, I have even been putting her up on the bed with me and she's curled up and slept in front of me — not quite all night, but up until 4AM for Miss Hyperactive is pretty darn good.
She's quickly become the favorite of the staff at the daycare. When I told them we were moving, one guy burst out "NO! You can't take away Dixie!". After I drop her off, I often round the corner and look in through the big glass window in the front. Typically it takes all of 30 seconds for one of the workers to pick her up and proceed to carry her around. Rotten pooch! They will allow you to come in a couple of hours later than the standard daycare hours in case you need to do something after work for a small extra fee, which I have only done once. When I came in, she was the last puppy in the place and they had definitely given her the royal treatment. They were holding her behind the counter and the two remaining workers were focused solely on my little girl. Not only that, but they'd given her a complimentary brush-out (one downside to daycare? all of the running around with the other pups equates to oftentimes a dreadlock Dix…) and had placed a cute little blue bow atop her head. I let the fact they must have thought she was a boy (grrrrr) slide. It was too cute! I was going to take a picture (of course) except for it did not even take her five minutes to manage to knock it off of her head with the help of the back portion of the futon.
It's thanks to them that I've packed up almost all of my dishes, books, and DVDs. I've made a huge dent in my packing process, which would have absolutely not been possible with miss nosey running around the apartment. Sadly though, I'm down to one more weekend. One more weekend of pooch-free packing. But on the flipside, I'm also sad I won't be able to keep doing the daycare for her. She's such a social one and this has been a great way for her to run off the energy in a way I can never quite give her. I would love to continue it, but alas the price tag is to the tune of something more expensive than most pre-schools (it's insane!). In the meantime though, I'm making the most of this last week or so we've got left, as I am confident my little diva will do as well.

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