a material… a material world

Ok – so I had this saved as *DRAFT* in my BlackBerry. Guess what tired one forgot to click send? Ooops. Here goes as was originally done…

Oh my. Okay. So, I’ve been to my fair share of concerts. As we’d say, NBD (no big deal). Well. I’ve gotta say, I was mighty impressed with Madonna. If I’m in HALF her shape by that age, I will feel successful at life. Absolutely.

My only complaint? A/C. Oh A/C, where are you at? Holl went on a run to the vendors and learned Madonna doesn’t allow for the A/C to run during her performances. Is that legit? Anyone know? Pull out those debate “fact checkers” for this cause. Yeah so forget how tropical the island breeze is – ’cause there’s no breeze on La Isla Concerto…

Otherwise, this concert was such an amazing show. Costumes and participants galore. Scripted? Yes. But worth it. Oh so worth it. I’ve commented on being a fan of variety. One of the things I love about seeing concerts is seeing the different ways in which artists opt to perform. Next time she tours? I’d be tempted to opt for posh seats.

If there are typos, know they will be corrected. This OCD girl had two choices post and proof later or not post. You can tell which way I went

(Hah or not, as you see again by the post date. This is why I will not be moving again for a very long time! That and my place is fabulous…)

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2 thoughts on “a material… a material world

  1. I saw her several years ago in Atlanta. It was easily one of the best shows I’ve ever seen! I’d love to see her again!

  2. I can’t wait already haha. Sometimes I don’t like shows that are so scripted, but as should be expected of Madonna, she really has it perfected.

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