go register – NOW!

Waving hello from behind cardboard boxes…

Ok, figuratively. Not literally. Today I’m back surrounded in those lovely, thin cubey walls and in front of my flat screen monitor – catching up on two days worth of work before running out shortly for an off-site meeting. Nice to ease back into the regular grind though. And wow, we’re at the halfway mark. Could get used to this, although I don’t know that the pain of the moving process is worth the upside of the super short week.

Anyhow, this morning I awoke zonked. Annihilated. My mom and I crashed on my futon since my bed had not yet arrived (supposedly though it’s en route today for delivery/assembly). We were so tired that we slept fabulously. But I think I must have slept like a pretzel, as I’ve got a fabulous tingly pain running from the base of the right side of my head back to the top of my right shoulder. My legs ache as if I ran a serious race yesterday. Perhaps it was not so smart to walk those 20 blocks or so to get Dixie from her grooming/day care fun yesterday. Oh well. Oh and yeah, lug back that 13 pounds of laundry from my old apartment…

The point though was that I was running late today, which was unfortunate as I wanted to try to figure out how to register to vote. With my move around the corner, the last thing I wanted to do was to register to vote somewhere far away and have to hike back to vote. It was like a consolation prize for all of the move craziness that like an oasis, there was a group inside the subway station registering voters. Score! So that’s all set.

So all of you NY residents out there who haven’t done it yet, REGISTER TO VOTE!!! The deadline is Friday, and I think if there ever was an election to vote in, it is this one.

No right to complain if you don’t choose a side. Sure, perhaps neither side is perfect and perhaps you don’t 100% know which side to choose, but everyone should use their right to vote. There are people who wish they could have the right, so don’t pass up the right to exercise yours.

The Web site with info on voter registration is http://www.vote.nyc.ny.us/register.html. It has the list of all of the offices and for those of you in Manhattan, it’s 200 Varick St 10th floor. No matter which box you’re planning on checking, do it! Go now!!

More later on move, Madonna, etc… but thought this was important to make time for.

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2 thoughts on “go register – NOW!

  1. Just the thought of moving makes me dizzy.
    Hope everything is back to normal soon.
    Sending healing vibes towards your aches and pains.
    Waving at you from Manhattan’s Upper West Side

  2. I’m hoping to grow roots – two year’s worth at minimum. Slowly settling back in, although it’s going to be a continual process. Waving back up at you across the park, as always, even from my new locale 🙂

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