missing lil dix

She’s off (as is my mom) en route to Alabama until Thanksgiving (this pic is in transit at the airport today – awwww). I drug my groggy self out the door with her in tow this morning ar 6:15 for a crisp walk (sprinkled by the occasional unintented jog). I learned most coffee shops save Dunkin Donuts and 24/7 diners do not open until 7AM. Good to know!

But anyhow, tonight is the first time I will come home to my new place alone. I know it’s best for the unpacking process but wow, sure sounds lonely. Miss ya, Dix.
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3 thoughts on “missing lil dix

  1. I am sad… was talking to my mom a bit ago and she held up the phone to her and she stopped barking and began to lick the phone! Awwwww.

    My apartment is so empty 😦

  2. Awwww…I’m sad too reading this! Poor baby, and poor you!

    Don’t worry – I’m sure your mom will spoil her rotten in enough time. 🙂

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