too tired to unpack…

I played hooky last night from packing, opting instead to spend a nice warm evening out on Stone Street. I’d intended to catch at least some of the debates, but I ended up back too late for that. Sounded like the really positive tone as of late dominated. I’m a little tired of it and am pretty pleased that it’s not too long until we vote.

I was going to run stuff to and from my old place, but eh. It looked like rain tonight. I had laundry to pick up from my new place (yaaaaay they did good, even have a lower pound minimum – sweet!). And then when I managed again to blow my master fuse in the midst of finally getting some supper going, I decided game over.

Saturday’s the day. The day I don’t exist. The day where like Cinderella I will be knee to floor, all sponges a go. But tonight? Tonight I’m in my PJs in my bed… in my fabulous dark room that couldn’t be a starker contrast to my prior place if I wanted it to. Yay. Love my new personal cave.

So I’m resting up – because this move? It’s been killer draining. Resting up for the weekend of cleaning. Resting up for the beginning of the CMJ music festival. And, of course, for the Halloween festivities and the impending visit of MsWT. It’s practically a Halloween tradition.


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