weekend review: scrub-a-dub-dub-a-yah!

I am so looking forward to only having one place to keep clean. This whole multi-site thing is no fun – not on my body or on my checkbook (owwwwww). Between needing to clean, CMJ on the horizon, and my friend headed into town, I wasn’t exactly planning for a crazy weekend.

Friday Tam and I went to see W. in the theater. It was good, but overall I was disappointed. I have never seen an Oliver Stone film, since I’m not super keen to seeing movies that take something close to the truth and twist it, but I felt like I knew my W enough to give this one a shot. I don’t know quite what it was, but it was lacking something. I felt like the end too was anti-climactic to boot.

I will say I do love the fact that our country is free enough that something like this which is such an affront to our current leader can be released without issue. The theater was packed as well, as I expected. If you have seen it, would love to hear your opinion on it.

My sister and I did hit up Shake Shack before going. Don’t know that I will sit in the cool-ish night again like that eating a concrete of theirs, but that German chocolate cake one, which they aren’t offering anymore (it was a part of their “Shacktoberfest” special menu), was worth the chattering and goosebumps for sure.

Yesterday Tam and Angelina helped me (MUCH LOVE!!!) to run stuff up to donate and back down to my new place, helping to leave behind only the bedroom set I need to figure out how to disassemble (before the donation folks show up a week from tomorrow), a bathtub in need of some scrubbage, and a floor desperately in need of some TLC. So so close, my friends.

Today it was more of the unpacking. Yesterday’s run mean more junk-o-lah to root through. And also some quality time devoted to my Halloween costume. I needed to pull out some iron-on letters today and secure some plastic flowers as prop. Miraculously? All done, and sans the likes of my former Southern go-to’s like Hobby Lobby.

Good weekend. Oh, and lots of sleep. Looooots of sleep. Double digit nights. And it has been divine. Love that new bed.


2 thoughts on “weekend review: scrub-a-dub-dub-a-yah!

  1. Haha not a lot — we did clean out the wine fridge beforehand. It’s nice and bare now, save one white purchased at the lovely upscale Trader Joe’s. I will slowly rectify though 🙂 It’s nice to be in a better location for friends to potentially come by anyhow!

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