today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 12:14 didn’t dry my hair this morning since still sick – scrunched & went curly. been getting lots of compliments. interesting.
  • 13:18 off to take on the rain to ensure my little dog gets her costume to wear while giving out candy with my parents (awwww)
  • 14:03 so learned best time to go to post office – anytime on first day of cold icky weather. virtually no line.
  • 15:31 i am a no-fun food blogger when i’m not eating regular foods. to be rectified soon and very soon.
  • 16:37 check out my neighborbee post this week. all about free stuff!
  • 18:19 ok now this is some crazy faux news footage. claws? OUT!
  • 18:50 en route to old pad to scrub scrub. feeling oh so cindarella, sans the whole prince thing.
  • 22:42 *so* close to being out of the old place. think tomorrow’s the day to give the super the keys. d-o-n-e!!

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2 thoughts on “today’s bits

  1. I definitely sucked it up and paid some ladies $120 to scrub-a-dub-dub my old place today. 1 hour later, I will tell you, the greatest decision I’ve ever ever made.

  2. Haha – well, I think I learned just how much stuff can come up, especially off of a tub. Woah. Who knew??

    It was exhausting though. Such a pain. But so glad it’s done.

    But yeah, I’m jealous someone did it for you =)

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