today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 07:49 this weather is annoying. can’t decide if being cold wimp so keep downgrading sweater. but now close to layering. defeating the downgrade?
  • 11:05 sweeping up my empty apartment, waiting on the charity to come pick up my furniture donation. yep, still major eau de gasoline up in here.
  • 13:31 creepy guy in front of me on bus who won’t stop staring. YAY!!! he turned around. ugh, only momentarily…
  • 13:32 furniture donation went off w/o a hitch. turned in old keys. running to apt to ditch random leftovers (plunger, paper towels, tool box, etc)
  • 18:33 excited about staying in. more unpacking, mac n cheese, catching the obama special… lots of good stuff
  • 20:49 watching mon’s samantha who and procrastinating taking the trash down and out. stupid cold weather.
  • 21:18 *really* hoping neighbors across the hall are planning on taking out the nasty bag in front of their door. stinks. if i can, you can.
  • 22:35 why oh why am i beginning reading a new book when i am about to have to start writing liike a fiend??

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