today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 09:22 there’s apparently a bomb threat around the corner(ish) from our office. and here i sit. little creepy??
  • 10:18 note to self – not smart to donate furniture *with* your passport inside. thankfully they’re sending it over certified mail. eeeek.
  • 10:55 working on my self-assessment. hate these. patting yourself on the back sounds arrogant, but don’t want to tank yourself either.
  • 13:34 finally purchased ticket for bus *back* to nyc from dc. glad remembered one way plans aren’t enough for round-trip excursion.
  • 14:34 realizing got sappy movies thru netflix for halloween weekend. perhaps should have opted for scary over finally seeing steel magnolias?!?
  • 18:40 never dined out on halloween in nyc. watching the little kids come in the restaurant for candy. so cute!!
  • 19:14 couple in front of me on escalator – stand to the side if you want to make out. i would like to move. thanks.

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