fancy pageant walking

So this year I ended up celebrating Halloween early. My friend does an annual Halloween party since her birthday is shortly after Halloween. And they go all out…

Here’s a picture of their ceiling. They bought a big tent to make their apartment appear as much like a circus as possible, since their theme was Psycho Circus Sideshow. They had a magician and even a sword swallower. Interesting…

Even their cake was in line with the theme, tilting ever-so-slightly like a sugary Leaning Tower o’ Flour…

This year I went as Miss Alabama. I had this costume allllll planned out last year but I waited until the last minute and couldn’t figure out anything to work on the crown front, only finding pricey tiaras or the other end of the spectrum more along the lines of a Burger King crown.

I found this fabulous wig with a built in tiara. Brilliant! I found some plastic flowers for a bouquet, some long fake eyelashes, and smudged my mascara underneath my eyes *just so*. Oh! And of course, I had a white ribbon sash proclaiming my state affiliation.

My friend WT who was in town dressed as a social climber, but she doubled as my “pageant mom”. All night she and I talked in our best Sarah Palin voices as she encouraged me to do some “fancy pageant walking”.

At the urging of the three female hosts and others, I changed briefly into a swimsuit to simulate the swimsuit competition. As luck would have it (ehem as they would time it conveniently), prizes were given out as I was standing there with my sash over my Target special suit. So guess who ended up with “naughtiest costume” even though she was decently dressed??

Fun evening though. Managed to enjoy it to the fullest just before coming home to be hit with the stomach funk. We intended to head out in costume on Friday, but that didn’t end up happening. No worries though asi definitely felt like I got in my annual dose of Halloween.

What did you do for Halloween?


3 thoughts on “fancy pageant walking

  1. The cake was so good. It was so pretty though that you almost hated to destroy it and slice it up. Almost…

    And thank you. Glad you guys liked this year’s selection 🙂

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