Last night was so much fun for the election I totally opted not to sleep. You think I’m kidding, don’t you? I assure you, as would my body, it’s no joke! I was supposed to meet friends over at Le Poisson Rouge, but apparently we shifted to The Pinch since the other was overcrowded. A couple of friends from DC were also in town. The more the merrier for our little soiree. Everyone needs a late night Tuesday reason to celebrate, right? Anyhow, I was just excited to arrive to find the Silver Fox (see left hand portion of the photo to the side) up on the TV in crisp quality. Looking sharp…

We thought the waiting game could be a bit longer, but it came pretty quickly I thought. McCain did not drag out when he opted to deliver his concession speech, which I thought was well done. And then everyone anxiously awaited Obama’s acceptance speech.

The loud music the bar was playing only helped to fuel the crowd, who were singing and dancing. You could hear people over the loud music driving by in their cars, honking and yelling out the windows. It was wild.

I saw something today many of you probably have come across from other avenues. Rio sent it over to me via text and turns out it was from an article put out by NPR. I think it sums up all of last night… the videos of people emotional about the significance of the election. The record turnout at the poll. The strangers who high-fived me and the like all along Sixth Avenue last night… errr I mean early this morning.

“Rosa sat so Martin could walk…

Martin walked, so Obama could run…

Obama is running so our children can fly!”


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